Interregnum 5 is a brand new dance company dedicated to exploring the embodiment of Indian classical dance. We are made up of 1 Odissi, and 4 Kathak dancers, and we found ourselves asking: as contemporary practitioners of traditional (though still dynamic) classical dance forms how do we grow and develop in our current space? The answer came in the form of ‘Embodied Language’. We realized that the best place from which to begin this discovery was in the cultivated tools we have been developing and rehearsing for years- the largest and most engaged of which were our own bodies.

INTERREGNUM 5 - Company:

Scheherazaad Cooper (Odissi)

Neesha Radia (Kathak)

Pranav Yajnik (Kathak)

Riaz Rhemtulla (Kathak)

Sanjay Shetty (Kathak)