Dr. Ratna Roy

Report on Shraddhanjali at the Habitat Centre, New Dehli

Comments from Dr. Ratna Roy following performance June 18, 2004

"The program began with a Shraddhanjali to Guru Pankaj Charan Das. His photo was provided by the Guru Pankaj Charan Research Foundation. The dance numbers began with Scheherazaad Cooper dancing "Nava Durga," opening with our Guruji's "Kadachit Kalindi" and concluding with a sabha pranam. The remarks I have heard about her from Ms. Sethi and her friends are: "What a mature dancer." "We could not keep our eyes off of her. She was incredible."

Anil Anard
Consulate General of India
Vancouver, Canada

Following a dance performance at the India Independence Day celebrations on Aug. 15, 2003.

"Dear Scheherazaad,

You really stole the show and I mean it. All felt the same. Keep it up."

Mohamed Alibhai
Former Harvard Instructor

Following the Production of Ibn Tufayl’s epic Yaqzan that toured across 7 cities in Canada with a total of 17 productions, full capacity audiences and National and International acclaim.

"...Shiraz Ali was faultless as the king (I greatly enjoyed his stretching of his hand as he takes his seat!). Scheherezaad Cooper was fantastic as the princess and stricken mother tormented and torn by the choices she has to make. Her frantic running back and forth, with her hands seeking to grasp what just went out of her grasp, were very moving and convincing. I think the fact that we don't get to see her face (her back is turned toward us) actually heightens our experience of the calamity that has befallen her, for we see her running back and forth (like Hagar at Zam Zam?) desperately reaching out her hands, and we imagine what is going on in her face. It was just brilliant...."

Riaz Rhemtulla
Artistic Director

Following the Production of Ibn Tufayl's epic Yaqzan that toured across 7 cities in Canada with a total of 17 productions, full capacity audiences and National and International acclaim.

"A rare combination of artistic dexterity and creativity, Scheherazaad Cooper combines personal charm and grace with technical brilliance. The secret of her magic lies perhaps in her ability to completely transform the dance with the use of expression of feeling into an aesthetic experience that bears personal resonance for each and every viewer.

Being such a well accomplished dancer at such a young age, is an inspiration to the Asian youth across the globe."

Ron Dumouchelle
United Way, Lower Mainland BC.
"Dear Scheherazaad,

It is with most sincere appreciation that I thank you again for your volunteer performance at united Way of the Lower mainland's annual general Meeting held on Tuesday, June 25, 2002.

The beauty and grace of your performance was remarkable. For many of those in attendance, this was the first opportunity they had to experience a traditional Indian dance. Not only are you a world-class performer, but also have demonstrated your commitment to our community by volunteering your time and skills.

Once again accept our most sincere thanks for helping us make this years Annual general Meeting a successful event."

Teresa Rehman M.L.S. M.A.L.S
Librarian Coquitlam Library B.C.
May 29, 2001

"I have been asked to comment on Scheherazaad Cooper's volunteer service to the community and I am more than delighted to do so.

In 1995 when I served as Secretary of India Music Society, I received a request from a young girl to perform Odissi Classical dance for our Society at the annual Citifest hosted by Vancouver Community Festival society. This was my first fortunate acquaintance with Scheherazaad- fortunate, because she would subsequently say "yes" every time I asked her to share her extraordinary talent with others. Over the years, Scheherazaad continued to dance at Citifest for our Society and later on volunteered to do so independently.

During Hindu religious festivals, Scheherazaad has performed Odissi at our temple in Richmond, the Sangam Educational and Cultural Society of British Columbia. On September 09 2000, she performed a folk dance at Fiji Canada Heritage day, sponsored by Fiji Canada Association and FAST- Families as Support Teams, at Douglas College theatre. Scheherazaad choreographed this folk dance from her knowledge of both classical and modern dance forms. That evening she stole the show.

I have been most grateful to Scheherazaad for her first class performances of Odissi at Kaleidoscopes Gala Performance at Gateway Theatre in Richmond, in 1999 and 2000, Kaleidoscope, a multicultural festival celebrating our cultural diversity, was started in 1999 by Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club. I am happy to report that Scheherazaad has once again agreed to contribute to this Gala Event on Sunday June 24, 2001.

To me Scheherazaad is a gift. From such an early age, she has shown an amazing community spirit and willingness to share her time and talent to promote multiculturalism. I know that I can always count on Scheherazaad."

Consumer Support Network
Canadian Mental Health Association
North and West Vancouver

Comments from audience following performance Aug. 22 2001

"Very mesmerizing"
"It was great"
"Enjoyed your presentation"
"Thank you for all your energy and love you have shown us "
"Your performance is very beautiful"
"We enjoyed your performance immensely"
"You are a true performer, not only the dancing, but the explanations before hand were most enjoyable"
"That was beautiful"
"Absolutely beautiful and wonderful"